Monday, May 19, 2008

Down with the Sickness*


Well, Molly-Moo has been sick for a week now. Last Friday (May 9) she had a runny nose, which is still ongoing. However, last Tuesday (May 13) she started with a fever, which is still ongoing. I took her to the Pediatrician on Thursday and he said it was a virus, but I'm concerned she's had a fever for almost 7 days now. I'm pretty sure that's too long for her to be mainlining Tylenol and Motrin. The sad part is that yesterday she was crying and she brought me the bottle of Tylenol (which was a wake-up call b/c I didn't realize she could reach that high!). I stayed home 2 days with her last week and J is home with her today. Waiting on call from Pediatrician as to what to do next.

Oh, and we found termites in BB's bedroom. The pest guy came and said it was early and they were looking for somewhere to hang out, so they sprayed and told us to get rid of our ferns as they create a nice place for them to start into the house. So, we cut out the ferns and since the chainsaw was out J also cut down a few bushes that had lately turned into trees. Yesterday I planted the front garden (where the tree/bush used to be) and while it looks a bit sad now I think once everything "roots" it will be good! It's weird to drive up and see the front of the house instead of that fugly bush.

Earlier this week:
BB: I can't wait to have a boyfriend.
Me: Boyfriends are a pain in the butt.
BB: Boyfriends are a pain in the cute (pronounced key-UTE)!!!

Kenellie commented that all my kids have flat butts except Molly, who's still in a diaper. My reply - That's her "ba-diaper-donk"!!!

School is out in two weeks -Yay! Please say a prayer for Ian as he is struggling and if he can't come out of it he's gonna have a crappy summer.

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Hannah said...

Molly: Ouch.


Ian: Double OUCH!