Monday, April 21, 2008

Spending time with my Baby…

Oh how I’ve jonesed for my computer all weekend! I haven’t touched it since I left work on Friday. Which is where my story begins….

When I got home Friday I decided we should go to Outback, which ended up having an hour wait so we went to Mo’s Pizza. Yummy!!! (Yes, at this point my diet went right out the window!) We were going to go to the black hole known as WalMart, but decided to just chill out at home and spend time together.

Saturday, BB had a birthday party. After our regular Saturday chores, we went out to buy a gift for said party (nothing like waiting ‘till the last minute, right?) then headed straight over. It was a backyard party, with games and food and a giant inflatable slide. They had attached a hose to the slide, and the kids were having a blast. It did get a bit slippery, and occasionally a kid would come flying out the entrance (as opposed to the exit) who had slipped climbing up the stairs/ladder to the top of the slide. About an hour into the party, BB ran up to me and said “I broke my finger. Bye!!!” and ran off to play for another 1 ½ hours. We left the party, came home, did the dinner thing, and off I went to a jewelry party. When I came home, J asked, “Why didn’t you tell me she broke her finger?” I’m thinking, what’s he talking about? Then I looked at her left hand…the pointer finger was striped with black and swollen and slightly crooked. The hand was a bit puffy and bruised too. Hmmm…looks like it’s time for: A Trip To The Emergency Room!!!!

Oh. My. God. We got to the ER at 10:30pm, were triaged and sat down to wait. And wait. And wait. We didn’t get called to the back until 2:00 am. Then x-rays and a splint. We got home at 4:00 am with instructions to call Monday for an appointment for follow-up. Last night her thumb started to look swollen and discolored, so I am anxiously waiting the call-back from the nurse. While we were sitting in the ER waiting area, J turns to me and says “If you wanted to spend time with me, we didn't have to go through all this. All you had to do was ask.” Ha. Ha. Ha.

Sunday Molly-moo let me sleep until 9:30, so that was good. In the afternoon while Molly napped J and I went to WalMart, and spent more quality time there together. Hmmm…what I’m seeing here is: quality time with J = hospital visits and grocery shopping. I think we need to spice it up a bit, eh? Then, we capped off the weekend with a BBQ, FIL(J) came and brought friends, and M/M Chiapop came.

Strangely enough, I think I'll mark this weekend in the “good” column.


pops said...

Sounds like a nice weekend of highs and lows. Enjoyed the brief visit Sunday. Wish I had arrived sooner and gotten to visit more with the kids. You deserved Mo's. You're looking great! Keep it up.

BTW, -9.5 for me for the last 7 days.

Patti said...

OMG Pops!!! That's awesome!!!


I can say I enjoyed Saturday night, but there were times that I wanted to kill the ER people. I guess thats why they make chicken nuggets!!!!

Hannah said...

Mmmmm, chicken nuggets taste delicious!

Patti said...

Not just any chicken nuggets...Wendy's chicken nuggets!!!