Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Doing what I do best.

Well, we are actually planning a summer vacation this year. One item on the agenda is a trip to Disney this summer. I mean actually planning it, not just dreaming about it. We're looking at hotels and counting our pennies. Do we still have a broken pipe that needs to be fixed? Sure, but you know what? It's still going to be there when we get back. We're going to split the week into two halves - first Disney, then Universal. For Disney, we are planning on staying in a hotel on the property for the first few days. Then, we'll check out and check into a hotel near the entrance to Universal until we leave. I feel like a little kid - sooo excited!!!

Then, in July, Ian is going to fly out to H-town to visit with H1 & SIL(H). He'll stay a week and then the rest of us will drive out, spend the weekend, and come home Monday. I'm very excited about this trip too. We've already got the "apartment" and Ian's flight is all set up. He's leaving the day after his 15th birthday, so I think that will be a great birthday gift for him - a whole week without his sisters!!! The only item on my agenda for this trip is that I am fascinated by the Houston Tunnels and I'd really like to visit. However, it looks like they're only open on weekdays so I guess we'll see.

Everything looks like it is falling into place, which is when I do what I do best - worry. I think it's a Herrick trait, worry. Passed down like eye color or being tall. I don't know. What I do know is I've been a worrier all my life. It's part of who I am. I don't want to worry about something happening to prevent this trip - I'm really looking forward to a real vacation.

I need something else to focus on and worry about!!!!!



You want worry? Wait until the week our vacation is up and they transfer me to Lock-Up and my vacation is cancelled!! Hows that for worry? I love you.

Patti said...

Great, now I'm gonna worry about that! I want to worry about something stupid like maybe they'll take away the blue M&Ms or something ridiculous like that!!!

Hannah said...

Of course J has to step it up a notch. Hehe. Stop being a H-rrick, you's a Sp-nney now!