Wednesday, March 12, 2008

World's tiniest fiddle

The plumber came. We don't have a clogged pipe. We have a broken pipe. Not good, not good. Ordinarily it would be okay but it's just bad timing (isn't it always?). We need a $380 camera scope to determine where the break is, then they can give us an estimate for repairs. Shit.

Ian overhears and comes to me last night to offer me the $100 he has in his room in cash, and tells me if we need to we can borrow his money in his savings account. What a sweet kid - I didn't know whether to burst from pride in my wonderful son or cry! So I went to hug him, and as I put my arms around him I realized my head was at his chest. Oh My God!!! When did my baby boy grow to the size of a man?


pops said...

Believe it or not, you've raised a really great kid!! Go figure!

Hannah said...

You really, really did - he is the sweetest 14-year old on the planet!!

Anonymous said...

Since when has your head been at my chest. I'm not that grown up yet am I. Oh MY GOD I'M OLD. Pretty soon I'll be Aunt Hannah's age. Nightmares