Saturday, February 9, 2008

Slingin' around the F-word

I was sitting at my dining room table this morning, having toast and diet coke, planning my weekend and reading the newspaper. Average Saturday morning. Then, I happened upon this article. As I read it, I realized he was talking about me. As much as you tease me about being a feminist, I laugh back and say "no, that's not it". But you know what? Maybe I am a feminist. All the things that are important to me - abuse, education, equal opportunities in the workforce, the ability to make your own financial decisions, to marry or not to marry, to vote - make me a feminist. In my head, I've always pictured feminists as braless man-haters parading around in Doc-Martens who were more interested in being angry than having a family. And maybe at one time they were. But they're not anymore. They're women like me, balancing a family and a career, who are free to enjoy those rights fought for by others. Somewhere along the line, feminism became the F-word, and it shouldn't have.

Read the article I linked above. Hopefully you will see yourself in it too. I'm here now saying "Yes, I am a feminist". And if you don't like it, F U.



I read the article and don't believe that it applies to me. But I love you, anyway.

Hannah said...

Now that's what I'm talking about.

pops said...

So... you've finally come to realize what everyone else has known for years? Not the sharpest knife in the drawer? (Just kidding!!) We loves you anyway!!

And, as the author put it, most of our family probably qualifies as "feminists" as well.