Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dr. Jekyll, meet Mrs. Hyde

There is a monster living inside of me that I didn't know was there. I knew about the "clean" monster, and I knew about the "don't F with me before my first diet coke" monster, I even knew about the "if you fart where I'm eating I'll get up and cork your ass with my foot" monster, but I didn't know I had a "pimp my ride" monster.

It all started innocently enough. J gave me a kick-ass stereo for Christmas. Mine was starting to sputter and die, so he hooked me up with one that plays CDs and has an ipod hookup. I love it! As an added bonus, the LED (I guess that's what it is) display is blue - my fave color!! Now, let me go back a few weeks...to our trip to Houston. I've never been in SIL(H)'s car before. Sweet ride! She's got cute seat covers, nice blue neon at her feet, AND....H1 changed her gauge backlight from orange (I assume it was originally orange, or green maybe?) to blue. Now, I've always said I love my car, and I do. But, it's five years old and three kids later it's starting to show a bit of wear. It's clean (come on people, it is MY car), but the stains that were little are starting to merge into bigger, uglier ones. So, I googled today: seat covers (I may have found back seat ones too, which I REALLY need), floor mats, and a gear shift knob. I'd also really like to know how H1 did the dash backlight, but if that was something special for SIL that they don't want to share I'll understand.

If anyone else has any ideas/hints/tips/suggestions I'd love to hear them!


Louisiana Rose said...

Flames??!!? Who'd a thought?

Hannah said...

OMG, those are the cutest!!

What model is your car (?) and I will have H1 see if he can do your dash blue too. This aint no lockdown gurl, she shares wit family up in 'ere!

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Hannah said...

Wait, I thought pink was your fav color? Hmm, shows ya what I know.

H1 said...

Careful, it's an addiction. Ha Ha Ha. The dash was not hard. I will look into yours for you. Hers I just went on a Scion xB forum and it had a walkthrough. Just replaced 2 (yeah they were orange) bulbs with blue LED's. I think it was about $7 with shipping. And took about 15 minutes to do. We just need to find out what size bulbs go in your dash.

pops said...

Why does your gear shift knob link go to seat covers?

Patti said...

Okay, I fixed the gear knob link - check it out, it's soooo cool!!!

H - I thought about pink girly stuff but J does drive the car and he'd never go for it!!!

M - it's a 2004 Saturn Vue (NOT the V6)

neverhomehubby#1 said...

I'm the guy that bought you the pink "power ranger" helmet and offered to paint pink flames on my bike when I gave it to you. Its your car. Do with it what you will. I love ya.