Saturday, December 1, 2007

That's how you get pinkeye!

Well, the craft fair was wonderful! It was better than it had been since The Storm. There was a bunch of new stuff, although not much Christmas stuff, so I didn't buy a new wreath for the door as I had hoped to do. My only complaint was that we had to rush through, because I had to hurry back to NO to take Molly to the doctor at 4:30. Why, you might ask? It appears that she has pinkeye. Maybe we can hire Detective G to figure out who's been farting on Molly's pillow? But here's what gets me - $30 co-pay for the office visit, $50 for the prescription eyedrops. So we get the Rx bag and get home. I don't know what I'm expecting, but when I pull out the eyedrops, the bottle is so tiny. For $50, we get 3 ml of eyedrops. For those of you who don't know how much that is, 5 ml is a teaspoon....yeah, rip-off much? That's ridiculous, because if any of us get it, that's another $50 for 3 ml, because you know that bottle is not going to have any leftovers (not that I advocate using leftover meds for anyone other than the person for whom they were prescribed - yeah, whatever, I've got a family to feed).

Oh, I almost forgot! As we were leaving the craft fair, we passed a group of 4 or 5 women, and I overheard this snippet of conversation "it's like athlete's foot, only on the penis". Hmmm....sometimes they write themselves!!!! Glad I wasn't part of THAT conversation!

So. Let me tell you how awesome my husband is: He took the day off yesterday (he's going out of town tomorrow for the LAST TIME and he'll graduate Friday - yay!) and fixed our toilet (thank you thank you thank you) and put up our Christmas lights outside. It looks awesome!! The lights gave him a bit of trouble, but he got it done, and done well. Then, on our way to dinner, we bought 3 of those spiral lighted trees for the yard (one for each kid). I must confess, I do love Christmas lights!!! I guess because growing up, in some of the houses we lived in (Navy brats tend to live in many houses) my bedroom was at the front of the house, so my folks would put up the Christmas lights in my window to be seen from the street. I loved falling asleep with the soft glow of the Christmas lights twinkling in my room.


Louisiana Rose said...

Dean- Look! We did something right once!! Whoo-hoo!! (It was pretty cool in your room at Christmas.)

Hannah said...

Once Louisiana Rose, just once. hehe I bet it was nice to fall asleep to that as a little kid.

Again, jealous about the craft fair.

And, I must ask, what is up with the farting on someone's pillow gives them pink eye? Really?

Patti said...

Did you not see "Knocked Up"? I don't think it's true (I guess it COULD be) but it's just a nod to the movie. Why, did you think it was Ian or BB?