Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Miscellaneous ramblings....

First, let me say, I sure am tired of looking at JoJo_4_ShoSho and Arggggg! - no pressure, I'm just sayin'.

Well, we got it done!!! (no, not that you pervs) We cleaned out the hall closet and Ian's closet. It looks HUGE now!!! So, I think all the closets and garage are finally clean and organized. To paraphrase James Brown - "I feel good! (da na na na na na na) I knew that I would!" The most amazing part is that the trash men took all the trash! We put out at least a dozen bags twice in a week and they took it all!!! (for those of you not living in NO that's a huge deal!!! HUGE, I tell you!) Now, if only I could figure out how to get the grout mold out of the tub - bleach won't kill it and it's making me crazy!!!

The kids are back in school after Thanksgiving break. BB was sick the whole time. She had some kind of cold/allergy and she was sooo sweet while she was sick. She was cute and cuddly and funny and sweet. And she'd be in the middle of doing something and just fall asleep on the couch. I was giving her cold meds but now she's getting Nasonex and that seems to be helping. She told me this morning some kid near her threw up in class yesterday, so I hope that stomach virus will not be making the rounds at my house again! Ugh!!! I don't have a quote of the day from her, but I did find out while watching the Nativity Story with her that the wise men brought the Baby Jesus gold, frankincense, and Merv. Hmmm...maybe that was the name of one of their camels? I'm thinking this year we'll be seeing more Christmas specials than ever before thanks to the writer's strike.

My loving husband has asked for a Christmas List...here goes (in no particular order):
1. mani/pedi from Earthsavers (regular, not ultimate)
2. subscriptions to Cosmo, Glamour, and Elle
3. Chance by Chanel perfume
4. fancy sheets (mmmm...nice)
5. gift card to Dillards b/c I need Clinique!!!
6. some way to play my ipod in my car (can't link what I don't know - in this tech-y family someone's gotta know!!!)

Thanks to SIL(H) for putting her list up too!!! I have some ideas for J which of course I can't post here so e-mail me if you need an idea.



Hannah said...

How do you juggle work, kids, hubby, house AND a perfectly clean house? How are we normals supposed to compete with that?? Congrats!

Anonymous said...

did you see the truck crushing the garbage?

Patti said...

Actually, I did see them crush the old plastic Santa and Frosty yard ornaments. I was glad there were no kids around!!!