Friday, September 7, 2007

Who are those men in white coats, and why are they pointing at me?

This is the kind of post I probably shouldn't be sharing...but, here's my question: Is this religious paranoia or just plain old insanity?

I think you all know about the "haunted house" next door to Chiamom/pop. The one where two people killed themselves? Yeah, that one. Wednesday, Kenny was kind enough to come over and get our broken hard drive so he could look at it (thanks bro!) and mentioned that he had been speaking to the current occupants (owners?) of the haunted house. They said it's really haunted - stuff moving from one side of the hallway to another, things crashing down on them, etc. It sounded pretty spooky to me. Anyhoo, that night as I was lying in bed (alone - J is out of town for the week. Stay with me, people!) I was thinking about it and decided I should say a Hail Mary for their souls, which I did. Then, I thought to myself, "what if they don't want me to say any prayers for them? They were pretty weird and I think they were against religion. Oh crap! What if they know I was saying prayers for them and they float over here to terrorize me as retribution? Aaaahhhh!!"

Needless to say I slept with quite a few lights on that night.

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Louisiana Rose said...

Let's see. first they are renters. Next, I cant imagine anyone not appreciating a good Hail Mary! (Football or not!)Adele and Larry were at one time religious. They had Sacred Heart pictures decopaged to their kitchen cabinets. I never understood why they were such an unhappy family. Chester was always very nice to me. Even though Kenny drove him nuts with the drums. Perhaps ghosts try to get your attention for prayers.? I'd love to talk to a real psychic (John Edwards?) about "earthbound ghosts", as they say in Ghostwhisperer.