Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Props to the Pops!!!

Now that my home internet has been up and working for a few days, I feel I can safely say "It works! Thanks Dad (and Jerrod, who was a terrific assistant)!!" It really sucked to not be able to get online at home, so this is a very, very good fix for my internet jones. You guys are awesome!!!

On a side note, here's BB's Quote of the Day:
Last night she's telling me the story of Adam and Eve, and says, "If you see a snake that is red and it talks to you, that's the devil." Hmmm, what gave it away - possibly the ability to talk?!! She was so sincere, it was very sweet.


Hannah said...

Teaching little girls to be afraid of red snakes. Good call.

pops said...

It was more like I was the assistant. Jerrod had it pretty well in hand.

Maybe the color red gave it away, or the little snake horns?