Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Small World?

I went to work today. Yuck. I thought I'd be goofing off all day, but no, I'm training the temp. At first, I'm a little concerned because she's not writing anything down. Then I remember it's her problem, not mine. She did eventually start writing stuff down though. Just not enough. I'm surprised at how much work it is to train someone else. Hopefully it will get better. A drug rep is bringing pizza tomorrow to say goodbye. How sweet. The next time you're complaining about the high price of your meds, remember my yummy pizza lunch! At the end of the day we're sitting around talking, and the temp mentions she's mostly worked at hotels. "Oh, which ones? My brother works at a hotel." "Chateau Sonesta." Turns out she knows Kenny. And Mr. Guy. Very interesting. K says she's very nice but her elevator doesn't hit every floor. It really is a small world, I guess.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We should hope that her elevator hits your floor (at Children's)...
or, should we?