Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fun, fun, fun...

The family's back! Wow, I sure did miss them. I got big hugs and kisses from ALL my kids and my hubby. They had a great time - ice skating, shopping, video games, hot-tubbing, BB and SIL(H) did girly stuff, J (and Ian) and H1 did some bike stuff; everybody had fun. I'm jealous they went to Fogo de Chau (sp?) a brazilian steak-house (one we had not previously tried) on Sat night. J said it was awesome and they ate like crazy.

Meanwhile, while they were having a great time, I went to dinner Friday with Kenellie then we saw Shrek 3 , after which I had to stop by Walmart to pick up a few things. Never again at 10:30 on a Fri night. Wow, talk about ghetto-ville (or, as BB would say, Ghetto Bill's). I was a little nervous b/c I was there by myself, let's just say I kept my eyes open and my hand on my wallet. Saturday I went to the mall and bought my "casino purse". A very nice Dooney & Bourke "anniversary signature" pink purse. I'm very happy. Sunday J and H2 went on a 5 hr bike ride, then we went to see Pirates 3. Pretty good, a little long. If you go, stay through the end of the credits (trust me).

BB's dance recital was wonderful! She danced her little heart out and was absolutely adorable. J got pretty good video of her tap dance on our camera, I'm going to have to see how to post it here. It was a late night, we didn't get home until 11:30 (thankfully the kids are out of school), and Molly stayed up for most of it. She liked the dances and colors, but did eventually get bored. At one point we had her asleep, then some guy next to J whistled loudly and woke her up. Mom volunteered to put her to sleep, so I handed her over. A few minutes later I look over to check on her, and there she is, sitting up on mom's lap, facing the dancers and bouncing on mom's knee!!!

Now, let me say this: To buy the tickets, we had to draw numbers out of a hat a few months ago to determine the order in which we would be allowed to buy tickets. This year, I drew #5 - I was so excited, I knew we'd get good seats! When it was my turn to buy, I bought 4 seats in row 1 and 4 seats in row 2 (center aisle). I was thrilled! So last night, we get into our seats... approximately 3 feet from the stage. There were a few times I thought the dancers were going to jump into our laps. We got a pretty good view of what was coming up, which was good b/c we could anticipate when BB had her dances and get the cameras ready. But being so close was weird, we could even see the powder on the dancers costumes from rolling on the floor. Ian loved it - those dancers are pretty limber and he had a pretty good view of exactly how limber a person (more specifically, girls) can be. I think H2 enjoyed himself (there were some "of age" girls in the recital that were very pretty, and again, limber), he got in a few good one-liners throughout the evening. KenEllie sat directly behind me, so I didn't really hear much of what they thought, but I think they had a good time too. When it was over, it was so late we really didn't chat, we just all rushed to our cars to get home as quickly as possible (we all had to work this morning).

So, now that that's over, we get a small break. Cousin B will probably come next week for a few days, then after that Ian starts his 3-week summer course, but that's it for the near future. Not until August do we have to start worrying about schedules again. Whew!

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Hannah said...

We had SUCH a great time with J and the kids. Awesome.