Friday, April 20, 2007

The waiting is the hardest part.*

*Thanks, Tom Petty.

So, I went on a job interview today. Looks promising. Now, I just have to wait for them to return my call. Oh God, this is the worst part! Keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out. Will blame SIL(H) if it doesn't (just kidding - love you!!!) .

So, my previous list:

1. Mandarin House - We drove by the other day, and Ian mentioned we've never been in there(you know, the one that used to be Shoney's). I told him we'd never eat there, it gives you the s--ts. He said lots of restaurants do that. I said not while you're still at the restaurant. So he said, "Hmm, I guess Mandarin is Chinese for poo". That's my boy!!
2. Ian's "hot/not" chick - We went to a lovely wedding last weekend (more on that later) and we hired a 16-year-old to babysit. Not Ian, mind you, but he was home. More for Molly, really, I'm not ready to leave her with him for long periods of time yet. So some kids from his class who were at the wedding asked him where he was. He told them he was hanging out with a "hottie" from Ursuline. The kids weren't sure if he was serious, he assured them he was. Then BB blurted out "She was our babysitter!". Poor Ian.
3. There's a furniture store on the way to my office that has a huge sign outside that says "almost FREE FURNATURE". Their old sign had it spelled right. How hard can it be to reorder a sign. I'm sure whomever ordered the new sign was a graduate of Orleans Parish Public Schools. Yay, New Orleans.
4. Mr. and Mrs. Big Boy had a wonderful wedding. They are so cute together. I enjoyed watching them between photographs when they had a brief moment to themselves - so in love!! J arranged their police escorts, so after the wedding, on the way to the reception, there were cops all over (mom counted 22). I was thinking, "Wow, they sure went all out - what nice guys!" Turns out we were driving through a crime scene. The police were looking for a murderer who had recently come out of his house with his guns blazing. There's one for their Wedding Memories book! Again, Yay, New Orleans.
5. Took Hot TaMolly to the pediatrician (SIL-E, you know who this is!:) for an ear check. Finally, infection-free! While I was there I asked what to do to get her to sleep through the night. I'm tired, damnit! She gave me two suggestions: 1. Let her cry. 2. Benadryl. Yes, that's right, Benadryl. Anyone wanna guess which option I'm taking? (You might be surprised)


Hannah said...

1. Poor Ian is right, it is real hard to look cool when you have a babysitter. Speaking of, who is watching H2 right now? hehe
2. I am going to put my money on you letting TaMolly cry herself to sleep as I know you would never medicate your child for selfish reasons. Right? Maybe?
3. Hope everything goes well with the job offer, if not, I fear I will never see the kids again. :((

H1 said...

I checked my Chinese / English dictionary. Yes, Mandarin is Chinese for Poo. Well there ya have it. (Did I mention I wrote "my" Chinese / English dictionary).

Patti said...

Check out this Chinese/English dictinary!
(I'm too stupid to figure out how to link this)