Thursday, April 12, 2007

Laughter is the best medicine!

Some days my kids just make me for example:

"My Aunt Hannah must be a man because she can pick me up" - completely out of the blue on the way home from school today.

BB just recently found out about Duncan. The whole idea of another brother is still new to her, and she mentions him quite a bit. I am trying to explain to her that she doesn't need to mention him to everyone she meets, but so far it's not really sinking in. Yesterday at the school Mass, Fr. Joseph asked if anyone had lost a loved one recently. Bridget raised her hand and said "My brother." Ian said the whole school turned around to look at him. I guess they were a little surprised to see him sitting there! (Everytime I think about it I laugh until I cry - Ian's a little frustrated with me.)

And then there's the little one. We went to Panda King today. Right before we walked in, I changed Molly in the car. She is on antibiotics and therefore very diarrhea-y (is that a word? it is now!) and her diaper was gross. As I was changing her in the back of the car the diaper fell and landed poo down on the parking lot. Of course, I had to wipe it up, I couldn't just leave it there. Isn't that a health hazard? (remember that the next time you invoke the five-second rule)...then as we're walking in, out of the corner of my eye I thought she puked, but I didn't see anything and kept on walking. After we got to the far end of the dining room, all settled in, and I'm on my way to the buffet, I realize I have white baby puke all over the front of my dark purple sweater. Great...but it doesn't stop there! I am feeding her at the table, and tonight we are trying green beans for the first time. She doesn't like them. At all. We are talking The Exorcist here - green beans and rice cereal all over the floor (carpet). I wondered if this was how Jerrod felt at IHOP with Dan. I couldn't look the single guy at the next table in the eye. Needless to say he left soon after.

But, all in all they're good kids and I love them. And I love the man who gave them to me. Good night all!


Hannah said...

Wtf? I mean, I resemble that remark, no doubt. But dang!

Can't wait to see you all this weekend!

Saran Wrap said...

Who is Duncan??
I never, ever, thought that Hannah was a man!!!
Wish I could see you this weekend, too, (pout, pout).
By the way, I signed in by my Google account, which is why I am Saran Wrap instead of saraaimeern.
Auntie Sara